PlayControl — Java/Swing front-end to music playing

PlayControl is a Java/Swing front-end to music playing. It currently works with NP3 server program, which plays music in Linux using XMMS input and output plugins. See README and screenshots for further info. At our university's first Nerd Seminar we presented the paper Intelligent home within student's budget (in Finnish), which explains our motivation and describes the architecture, PlayControl included.

PlayControl is not in active development anymore, as NP3 development stalled and new XMMS versions are incompatible. We hope to get a more robust system some day. (Perhaps with Zinf, CORBA and Python?)

You can browse in WWW the CVS repository of PlayControl, and you can download current development sources there. Snapshots of source code documentation are on-line. You can download a precompiled development snapshot release. See TODO for more status info. We also distribute a modified NP3, which can better collaborate with PlayControl, but we hope to get the changes merged into official NP3.

PlayControl CVS contains also our shell script np3cmd, which can be used to control NP3 from command line and scripts.

Contacts can be attempted also at IRC channel #playcontrol on any IRCNet server, or at newsgroup borft.np3 at news server
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