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I began making these pages when I wanted to learn HTML and learn to create working and tidy WWW pages. That's why the content is not the main thing in all parts or might be "stupid". Also, the purpose of this English translation is to help me learn writing and translating to English. However, I've recently began to pay more attention to the content. The most difficult issue is deciding what just I could present here - is the something not already included in the Net?

One thing not comprehensively covered on the Net is me myself. That's a natural reason to include a lot of stuff about me. In tne future, I'd like to see here results of my programming projects, perhaps some material on my hobbies, some writings, maybe even novelettes.

I've chosen pale gray backround and green text to reduce contrast. I hope the background picture isn't too disturbing. The anti-aliasing to white in the pictures with transparent background helped in making the decision. Links are red and the visited ones are violet. In many places red colour has been suggested to replace the "wrong" standard blue. Red is "hot", it bounces to eyes of the reader.

I've used frames in a few of my school projects. However, they should be readable with a frames-uncapable browser. I haven't been able to test use without frames. So if you have such a browser please inform me about your experience. Sadly, Netscape's browsers don't understand NOFRAMES tag but in frames declaration. That's why there is a Back link in bottom of every page and the links may not work in the content pages.

Formerly, I used to write HTML on Windows with Super Notetab and draw the pictures with Paint Shop Pro. At the present, when I've moved to use almost solely Linux, I use vim as my editor and do graphics with The GIMP.

I used to do my schoolprojects on MS Works and transformed to HTML by hand, later I found it handy to write them straight in HTML. I've produced myself everything in my pages, except when stated otherwise. The pictures of the Vantaa project have been removed after request by the city of Vantaa :-(. All rights reserved on products of mine.

Warning! I've made the pages glint in my eyes. You could place a smiley ;-) to almost every place. So I truly am not so self-centered, naive, childish, selfsatisfied, etc. as one might think of content of the pages! However, the facts are still facts.

I'm glad to receive all kinds of feedback, especially improvements and fixes.

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